Jungle Themed Tablecovers

More essential food supply items are tablecovers or tablecloths, which are used as table coverings for parties and baby showers. Tablecovers are actually multifunctional like most of the other food supplies. They make an excellent addition to a themed baby shower because they have colors and designs that can match your other decorations.

A popular jungle theme baby shower tablecover is the King of the Jungle tablecloth that features the colors and designs that are used in that set. If you’re planning on using this party theme set, you should really take a look at the full King of the Jungle party kit. This kit includes tablecloths, food related supplies and many other decorations for the theme at a very reasonable price.

The standard party kits will come with a set number of tablecloths, so make sure you figure out how many tables you will have at your party. You don’t want to end up with a single table that doesn’t have a matching tablecloth. You can find individual tablecovers at the bottom of this page if you need more than the party kits provide.

Another important reason to buy tablecovers is for the mess that is bound to result from a baby shower. You really don’t want to pull out your nice tablecloths for the party because food or drinks may be spilled by your guests. Disposable tablecovers make after party cleanup simple. You can just roll up the entire tablecloth and throw it in the trash.

Jungle Theme Tablecloths
 Jungle Theme Tablecloth Features

Fisher Price Baby Shower Tablecloth
This is a 54" x 102" plastic tablecloth from Fisher Price's Baby Jungle Animals Baby Shower party theme.

King of the Jungle Tablecloth
A 54" x 102" plastic tablecloth from the King of the Jungle baby shower theme.

Zoo Animal Party Tablecover
This tablecloth is only 54" x 72" although it may feature a more lively design for a jungle theme party than the other alternatives.

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