Plates, Cups & Napkins

Every baby shower that will serve food will need some essential supplies like plates, cups and napkins. These party supplies are necessary for eating food, snacks and cake.

Since most parties will have numerous guests, it usually doesn’t make sense to use real dishes for the shower or else you will have a lot of dishes to wash when the party is over. Disposable plates will give you the freedom of easy cleanup that can make a big difference when there are a lot of other things that need to be done.

One of the best aspects about disposable dishware is that you can buy these items to match the theme of the rest of your party. A jungle themed baby shower can use decorated plates for the food, cups for drinks and napkins for cleanup.

Parties that have 8 or more guests should really use a kit instead of buying individual supplies. These party kits are offered from King of the Jungle and include 8 or 16 of everything you will need.

When you have extra guests and need additional supplies beyond what is offered in the party kits, that is a great time to take advantage of individual plates, cups and napkins that are for sale. Combining these two packages will allow you to get the best price on this very important purchase.

Jungle Theme Baby Shower Cups, Plates & Napkins
 Party Supply Features

Jungle Animals Sipper Cups
Plastic reusable 14oz sipper cups that include lips and straws. These come in a package of a dozen cups featuring four different jungle animal cup designs.

King of the Jungle Cups
This is also a package of eight 9oz disposable cups. These comes are from the King of the Jungle baby shower theme.

Fisher Price Baby Shower Cups
These are packages of eight disposable 9oz cups from the Fisher Price Baby Jungle Animals theme.

King of the Jungle Plates
This is a package of eight plates that are almost 9" wide from the King of the Jungle theme set.

Queen of the Jungle Plates
Also a package of eight plates that are nearly 9" wide. These plates are from the Queen of the Jungle baby shower theme.

Fisher Price Baby Jungle Animals Plates
Eight count packages of 10.5" dinner plates from Fisher Price's Baby Jungle Animals baby shower theme set.

King of the Jungle Napkins
A 16 count package of drink napkins from the King of the Jungle theme.

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