Baby Shower Gift Party Bags

Many people use party bags or boxes at their baby shower as a gift bag to give to everyone that attends the party. These bags make an excellent way for the host and/or mom of the baby shower to thank all of the guests by sending them home with something fun.

You want to start by finding party bags or boxes that will match your jungle theme for the shower. Bags are a cheaper alternative to boxes, although both will function for the purpose just fine so you may want to focus on choosing colors. Boxes offer extra space and more organization, while bags may be easier to carry home. Either choice can be lined with tissue paper and filled with some party goodies.

There are actually a wide variety of things that you can put in your party bags, so try to get creative. Take a look at our jungle theme baby shower favors for some great ideas of items that you can include like animal notepads, zoo stickers and ink stampers. Even though most adults won’t have real use for these items once they leave your party, their kids will likely get a lot of use out of them or they may keep them as a cherished memory of your baby shower. When you put something in their bag that is jungle themed like your shower, it helps them to remember where it came from and will also help to bring back the memories years after the event.

Depending on what type of gifts you are expecting at your party, it may also be a good idea to include a decent gift inside each of the party bags for your guest. This item doesn’t have to be anything expensive, but it should be an item that an adult might actually want to keep or use. Even though the party bags are a great way to say thank you to your friends and family for attending the baby shower, you should not neglect to send them a thank you note after the party is over. Make sure you actually mail this thank you note to each person who gave you a gift, even if they live next door. It really lets them know that their attendance and gift selection was appreciated.

Jungle Baby Shower Party Favor Bags
 Party Favor Bag Features

King of the Jungle Baby Shower Party Favor Boxes
For baby showers that will be giving their guests a decent number of gifts these King of the Jungle baby shower party favor boxes do a great job and will fit the theme of the rest of your party.

Fisher Price Baby Shower Rainforest Bags
Very cute rainforest jungle themed bags from Fisher Price. These bags will even match the colors from the King of the Jungle theme so you can choose between bags or boxes.

Animal Print Goody Bags
These party favor bags include a dozen animal print bags that are excellent for jungle themed baby showers.

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