Baby Shower Guest Books

A guest book for a baby shower is some type of guest registry log. These books have a variety of purposes, but the main concept behind all of them is that they are filled out by your friends and family members that are attending the party. The new mom gets to keep the guest books after the baby shower, since it will be about the people that came to the party, the gifts they gave and parenting advice.

A common type of guest book that you may recognize from other events is a simple attendance registry. With these books, people attend your baby shower will sign their name to show that they were there. While this seems like a pretty plain concept, it is actually building a great memory for the mom to be. She will get to keep these guest books and reflect on them at a later time.

We suggest the King of the Jungle Keepsake book to use for an attendance registry. You can leave it on an entrance or central table to allow guests to sign their name as they enter or leave the party. Moms can also use this book as a way to keep track of all of the gifts she has received. Just record the gifts given by each person in attendance and then use the information to mail out thank you cards.

A new spin for baby showers on the traditional attendance registry book is an advice book. Advice books let party guests leave some words of wisdom for the mom to be. If there are a lot of experienced parents that will be attending the party, this book can be a great way for them to leave some truly useful tips for the new mom. Just imagine a cute book filled with family parenting tips gathered from a large group of people with varied experiences. This book will definitely be a cherished item for any new mom and will remain a wonderful memory long after it’s advice is needed.

King of the Jungle Guest Books
 Guest Book Features

King and Queen of the Jungle Advice Book
This is an advice book themed for a jungle baby shower. Let your party guests leave helpful tips and advice for the mom to be.

King of the Jungle Keepsake Book
This Keepsake Book is actually a gift for the mom to be. Guests can register their attendance and gifts in the book to give the mom to be some great memories of the baby shower.

Treasure your baby's special moments and firsts forever with this adorable and easy to use Baby Book. Record your baby's first year on pages for everything from a family tree to your baby's hand print. The pale green cover features color jungle animals and blue dots as well as a 3" X 3" frame to highlight your favorite photo.

A very cute Keepsake Guest boo that also has a section where you can write down what gifts are from who, and also a spot where all the guests can write words of encouragement for the mom!

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