Baby Shower Food

Almost any special event or party features one major thing, food. A baby shower is certainly no exception, considering the mom to be will want to eat something during the party.

Some baby showers will have complete meals to serve to their guests. If you are working on a budget, you can consider a few varieties of snacks for the party.

We cannot direct you to fresh food to buy online, but there are a lot of other essential food items that you will need for your party.

Make sure you have all of the plates, cups, napkins and utensils that you will need to serve your party guests. We recommend the King of the Jungle party kit to get almost all of the food related items that you will need for your baby shower. It will even include a tablecloth and decorations, all of which is jungle themed to match other items at the baby shower.

Some people will need more items than are available with a single party kit, so we have provided a guide for individual food related products that you may need for your baby shower.

Another important aspect of the baby shower is a cake for the mom to be. If you will not have enough guests for an entire cake, you could try serving cupcakes instead. Make sure you take a look at our Cakes & Cupcakes page for some essential items and a great video that will show you how to make a King of the Jungle cake.


King of the Jungle PlatesThe most essential food accessories that you will need for your jungle themed baby shower are plates, cups and napkins. These items help to add to the decorations of the party and they make for very easy cleanup.

King of the Jungle Baby Shower CakeAlmost any party will feature a cake of some kind and a baby shower with a mom to be is certainly no exception. Have a look at a great video that will show you how to make a King of the Jungle baby shower cake.

Jungle Theme Cupcakes & Food PicksA cupcake is a good alternative to a baby shower cake, especially if you will not have a lot of guests. They also make a great snack for the larger parties in addition to a cake.

King of the Jungle TableclothAnother item that is a great decoration for baby showers is a tablecloth or tablecover, which is another helpful item to have for easy cleanup after the party.

During your Jungle babyshower you can also think of serving some nice healthy snacks for children for kids attending the party.

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