The centerpiece is an important table decoration that sits in the center of each table at your party. If you are really on a tight budget and will have a lot of party guests, you can choose to only include a centerpiece on the main table at the baby shower.

We have jungle theme baby shower centerpieces picked out that will make a perfect fit for your party. These centerpieces match the themes, colors and designs of other supplies that we feature on this site.

A table centerpiece adds height to table decorations that may not otherwise be present. Since most things at a food table will be laying flat on the table, a centerpiece helps to visually break up everything else on the table into more appealing sections. It can also be used to designate significant tables at the party, such as the table with the mom to be and other primary guests. Small baby showers may just use a centerpiece as an extra table decoration.

If you plan on using the King of the Jungle theme for your baby shower, the party kits already include centerpieces. We highly recommend these party kits, because you will be able to save a lot of money compared with buying all of the included party supplies separately.

If you need jungle theme centerpieces and already have the party kit or do not need everything included in that kit, you can buy these individually by clicking on the picture or name of the product below.

Jungle Theme Baby Shower Centerpieces
 Centerpiece Features

King of the Jungle Centerpiece
A 17" tall table centerpiece from the King of the Jungle baby shower theme. A durable party decoration that highlights the center of the table and compliments other items from the same theme.

Queen of the Jungle Centerpiece
For moms expecting a baby girl the Queen of the Jungle theme offers a similar table centerpiece for baby girl showers that is also made with a durable design and stands 17" tall.

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