Animal Safari Balloons

One of the most essential decorations for any baby shower or party are balloons. Even if you don’t have access to helium to make your balloons float, they still make great table, room and floor decorations.

There are retail stores where you can go to get helium filled balloons, although you will want to check in advance to see if they will have balloons that will match your jungle theme for your party. If they do not have the balloons that you need, you can purchase your balloons online. Make sure you buy them well in advance so you get them before the party.

Arrange with a local store to fill the balloons with helium for you on the day of the baby shower. Even though they may not offer this service, you should be able to get their permission with the purchase of other items or a flat fee to fill the balloons. Most businesses will not pass up the opportunity to make a sale if you have a special request – you just have to ask.

Just like other party decorations, you will want to make sure you match your balloons to your jungle theme. You will want to have at least two different colors of balloons if they are solid colored. A single balloon color will cause a mass of them to look like there are less balloons, while opposite spectrum balloon colors will help each bunch seem larger.

Jungle Themed Mylar Balloons
 Balloon Features

Jumbo Lion Mylar Balloon
The Jumbo Lion mylar balloon is a 35" balloon with a Lion in the jungle design on both sides.

Zebra Mylar Balloon
The Zebra mylar balloon is a 30" balloon with a zebra in the jungle design on both sides.

Elephant Mylar Balloon
This is a 33" double-sided mylar balloon of an elephant walking in the jungle.

Baby Jungle Animals Welcome Baby Balloon
The Welcome Baby Balloon from the Baby Jungle Animals theme is a double-sided 18" mylar balloon that features numerous baby jungle animals.

Animal Print Party Balloons
This is a package of a dozen party balloons in four different animal print styles for one low price.

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