Baby Shower Cupcakes And Accessories

The Advantage Of Jungle Themed Baby Shower Cupcakes

Although a baby shower cake is generally the junk food centerpiece of a baby shower or any party for that matter, baby shower cupcakes are actually a great alternative or sidekick. If you plan on having a lot of guests at your jungle theme baby shower, you will likely have more food beside the cake. Baby Shower Cupcakes are an excellent treat for your party guests and they can even be involved in some creative games.

A popular reason that people like to have baby shower cupcakes in addition to a normal cake for a themed party is that they make another great opportunity to design another item of your party to match the theme. Different colored baby shower cupcakes, frosting and toppings can be used to add to the baby shower decorations and enhance the party theme.

Baby Shower Cupcakes That Look Like Animals

A great idea for a jungle themed party is to design baby shower cupcakes that look like animals. This can be done with frosting or with other cake accessories that can be used as animal facial features. You may need to have a look around to get creative for this task, but the end result can be very satisfying and appealing to party guests.

Using various frosting designs for the tops of the baby shower cupcakes is generally the easiest choice, although there are some simple things that you can do to enhance one of these baby shower cupcakes. This enhancement involves buying cupcake party picks and they are available in jungle themed animal heads for your baby shower! Take a look at our guide below that features our recommendations on these cupcake animal picks.

Jungle Themed Cupcake Party Supplies
 Cupcake Party Supplies Features

King of the Jungle Baking Cups
An essential for a jungle themed baby shower with cupcakes. This is a 50 count package of baking cups from the King of the Jungle theme.

King of the Jungle Party Picks
These cupcake party picks from the King of the Jungle theme could also be used for other small food items at the baby shower. Each package includes three different messages on a total of 12 party picks.

Jungle Animal Cupcake Food Picks
This package includes a dozen jungle animal themed cupcake food picks that come in four different animal varieties.

The Meri Meri Animal Parade Cupcake Kit features favorite critters including elephant, giraffe, lion and zebra. The cupcake liners are beautifully patterned and the kit comes in a lovely presentation box. Meri Meri makes a fabulous collection of cupcake sets, liners, toppers, paper plates and napkins that are individually themed to complement any party. Kit includes: 24 cupcake liners and 24 cupcake toppers in 4 designs.


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