Baby Shower Checklist

Baby Shower Checklist To Prevent Yourself From Stress  !

Planning a baby shower can either fun and stressful. It all depends on how you do the planning before the event. On this page, you will find a nice Baby Shower Checklist of most crucial elements in planning a baby shower, or any major event for that matter. There is also room to put names of people to whom you would like to delegate tasks.

How to Plan With This Baby Shower Checklist ?

Most shower checklists will suggest you start planning approximately four weeks before the intended shower date.

However, this great Baby Shower Checklist list will start planning 2 months before the Baby Shower event so that it will give you enough time to do everything you need to without feeling frustrated or rushed.

The most important task to start with is to pick a date! You should confirm this with the new mom and her immediate family as well. You don’t want anyone to feel left out. Feel free to add any adjustments you would like.

Download the Ultimate Baby Shower Checklist,

In stead of this Baby Shower Checklist you can also check the complete guide containing all the subjects related to the Jungle Baby Shower Theme in this great Handbook here :

The Jungle Theme Baby Shower Handbook


Baby Shower Checklist


Weeks Before Things You Do Alone Write Down Here Who Could Be Of Help For What Kind Of Task
  • Decide on location and date
  • Make the guestlist
  • Decide on budget by writing down what you plan to spend (decorations, games, party favors, food and other things)
  • Delegate as much as possible
  • Decide  on shower theme
  • Discuss the needs
  • Print and mail invitations
  • Surf the internet for special items (party favors etc.)
  • Read the entire baby checklist for the weeks to come
  • Order decoration items
  • Check RSVP numbers
  • Prepare the thank you cards with pre-addressed labels
  • Plan centerpieces and table decor
  • Order the cake
  • Decide on the catering
  • Re-read the entire baby shower checklist from start to end
  • RSVP ready now. If not, follow up calls
  • Prepare for the prizes, party favors, wrap gifts
  • Prepare the centerpieces, decorations and finalize the games
  • Finalize the music background, menu, ustensils and all of the things you need to make your shower unforgettable
  • Prepare the name tags
  • Check video and still camera if they are working
  • Clean the house
  • Buy non-perishable or frozen food
  • Read the baby shower checklist from beginning to end
The Day Before
  • Clean the house and start placing all the table and chairs (put decorations in place)
  • Buy fresh food items
  • Pamper youself
  • Prepare the decorations
  • Read this baby shower checklist for the day of tomorrow. Check if you did not forget anything on this baby shower checklist
Time for party !
  • In the morning start decorating the house, tables and chairs
  • Place name tags, centerpieces etc.
  • Do the last food preparations
  • Ask someone to record gifts
  • Pick up all the items that need to be fresh



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