Jungle Themed Cakes

A baby shower cake is quite possibly the most important food item for your entire baby shower party because it is often the food centerpiece or final celebration of the shower. There are a lot of reasonably priced baby shower cakes that you could buy from a retail store for the party, although you may have trouble finding one that will match your jungle theme.

Some people have baking skills and want to make their own baby shower cake. Even if you can’t bake, it’s really not that hard to make baby shower cakes if you follow some easy directions. We have featured an excellent video on making a jungle theme baby shower cake at the bottom of this page, so make sure you take a look at that to get a thorough idea of what you need to do. The resulting baby shower cake is a really nice example of something that you can make for the baby shower.

Another alternative is to use the King of the Jungle theme colors and design for a cake. The King of the Jungle theme design is really quite simple. You just have to make colored circles and colored stripes that you can layer on the outside of the baby shower cake once you have applied the frosting. Since this theme is extremely popular for jungle themed showers, making this baby shower cake that will match the rest of your decorations will really impress all of your party guests.

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