Baby Shower Banners & Signs

One of the very important indoor baby shower decorations is a banner. You will need to buy an “It’s a Boy” or “It’s a Girl” baby shower banner for the party. This decoration is something that you hang on a wall or in a large doorway opening.

This is such an important decoration because it sums up what the entire baby shower is about – the baby! People who attend the party should already know whether you are having a boy or a girl, but it’s still a decoration that everyone expects to see.

Another important banner is one to identify the mom to be, although this is really more like a sash than a banner. Party guests probably already know who the mom to be is, but this is still an important decoration to help make her the center of attention.

The day is about her and her baby, so the mom to be banner is an excellent way to help her feel extra special. Signs are another important aspect of baby shower decorating. The outdoor welcome sign is the most important.

These signs will help guests figure out where the party is at. Generally, you will want to put the sign near the driveway of your house or at the entrance of your party if it’s somewhere besides your home.

Jungle Themed Banners & Signs For Baby Showers
 Banner/Sign Features

King of the Jungle Banner
A King of the Jungle theme banner for moms expecting baby boys. This "It's A Boy" banner is 10ft long and is a primary decoration for any baby shower.

Queen of the Jungle Banner
The banner is a very important party decoration. This 10ft banner from the Queen of the Jungle theme says "It's A Girl" for moms expecting a baby girl.

Welcome Yard Sign
An important outdoor decoration for any baby shower. This welcome yard sign is from the King of the Jungle theme so it will match the rest of your party decorations.

Mom To Be Sash
This is a sash to be worn by the Mom to be so everyone at the party can easily identify her. The sash is 72" long and 3 1/2" wide.

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